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Progredior Consulting
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The client
Progredior Consulting combines wisdom and enthusiasm – forever curious and ready to transform the way business is done. We are a team of strategy, political and business advisors that focuses on delivering value to our clients and partners through usage of sustainable-technology, rigorous problem-solving techniques and future-proof solutions. Our team of professional and experienced individuals with a collective wealth of expertise, ready to help your company or institution achieve the best possible results. We know the intricacies of the business and government world; and more importantly we are able to value add to your institution.
The goal
The old website of Progredior Consulting was made with a platform which had an outdated web design. The top management of Progredior Consulting approached us so that we revamp and redesign the website with a fresh, minimalist design. Our Amezweb experts have successfully refurnished their website to make it look more modern and is now updated with latest company information.


This illustrates the page that we created which lists out all the services provided by them. The information displayed now is much more clear and straight forward for online visitors. Our client now has a simple website that makes it easy for visitors to understand what they wish to deliver.


We have also created a contact page to pull the leads coming from the website. Interested online visitors will need to fill all the forms in which all the information will be sent to the company email. We have created a satisfyingly simple website with easy-to-navigate features for Progedior Consulting.